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Due to the high demand for chinchilla accessories, chinchillas were hunted for centuries and almost died out. Today people still enjoy their products, but chinchillas are also popular pets and are less endangered. So what kind of chinchilla accessories do people buy? Well, it is the fur that is attractive, and it is used to make coats, cozy blankets and hats. But before people used the fur to decorate themselves, chinchilla fur was crucial to make warm clothes, and they were hunted by Native Americans who used them to protect themselves in winter. However, although the Natives hunted them for their fur, they never killed numbers that would endanger the entire species. That only happened in the 1800’s when chinchillas were systematically hunted in large numbers, and their fur was shipped to Europe where they were manufactured into expensive fur coats and hats.

While real fur coats have been a very controversial subject, many people still value the quality of real chinchilla items. Thus, their fur is not only used for coats and hats, but also to decorate shoes, boots or even jewelry. Extremely popular chinchilla accessories also include blankets and carpets which are particularly cozy, soft and fluffy. They are also sometimes used for patients who suffer from rheumatism as the warmth and texture of a real fur blanket can ease their pain. Among other famous chinchilla accessories are bags that are either made entirely of fur or just have a fur lining. In cold regions of the earth, fur is still used as a source of warmth. Thus, you may find that chinchillas are manufactured into scarves, earmuffs and gloves. Chinchilla fur is also used to line the inside of boots or as a hand warmer. The wealthy and noble also developed a trend of coating their car seats with chinchilla fur – a luxury which meant killing and manufacturing at least 1000 chinchillas per car.

But the constant demand for chinchilla accessories became particularly problematic in the early 20th century when the species was almost completely wiped out. That is not a surprise because a single fur coat requires between 150 and 200 chinchillas! While the Native Americans ate their flesh and used their fur, modern Europeans were certainly too posh to feed on rodents. Thus, chinchillas had to die just to give their fur.

Only then did people start to breed them in a controlled environment, ‘chinchilla farms’ if you like, where they can produce the fur from purposely bred chinchillas without interfering with them in nature. While this was a fairly reasonable solution, the mentality of people changed over the years and the trend went towards artificial fur which is equally elegant and does not require any animal to die. With this new conscience, the overwhelming demand for chinchilla accessories has decreased dramatically, and the little furry creatures are now actually very popular pets. Some of the chinchilla farms that were originally founded for the production of fur are now primarily breeding them to sell them to households and pet stores. They look like a cross between bunny and mouse which is actually very cute.

If you care about the animal world and the preservation of wildlife, you should not buy chinchilla accessories or any item that is made of real animal fur. If you love fur, you can buy coats and super-soft blankets made of artificial fur. They are available in all colors, all textures, all sizes, and all shapes; plus they do not cost a fortune or the life of a living being. That way you can roll up in coziness with a good conscience.



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